Small Groups

Small Groups

At Lakeshore we know the value of Small Groups. These groups are designed to create an environment where an individual, or couple can feel comfortable, safe and have the ability to learn and grow in a non-threatening, non-judgmental setting. If you are not in a small group yet we would strongly encourage you to contact us and check it out. It could change your life!

Contact Anna Brooks for updates at 705-752-5189 or email her at

What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is made up of 8-12 people who meet weekly to study, to share, and to support one another in their Christian lives. Each group is led by a trained leader and a typical meeting lasts for an hour and a half – two hours, followed by light refreshments.

Why are Small Groups Important?

Here at Lakeshore we consider Small Groups to be a central part of our ministry. Small Groups are designed to be the place where change takes place. Change in sin habits, attitudes, character-all the things Christ would have us grow out of. We want to GROW and mature and Small Groups are the place where we can encourage, support, and challenge one another to deepen our relationship with Christ.

What Will We Study?

Each group study varies. Some groups are going through a Bible based book or video series while some are having inductive Bible study and discussion times. Contact us

How Long Does A Group Last?

The length of Small Group studies vary from group to group. Our desire is that groups will stay together throughout the entire year and gel together being a prayer support and encouragement for one another. There may be a number of different topics or studies done by a small group in a given year.

What Is The Required Commitment?

Joining a Small Group requires a commitment to attend the weekly meetings as often as possible. We have found that this commitment is the key to strong relationships and healthy groups. There is the expectation of confidentiality within a group as well as a desire to make an effort to know and grow with the people in the group. A small group is designed to be a safe place for people to come and share their hearts, their needs, praises and prayer concerns.

What About Childcare?

We leave it up to each family to work out their own childcare. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap childcare with another family whose Small Group meets on a different evening or time. If you are new to the area or small groups and in need of child care, contact the church as there are a number of reputable child care providers within or church family!