College and Careers

College and Careers

We meet on Thursday nights at the church at 7pm for a dedicated time of worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship

and careers is a young adults ministry for those who are in their college or early
years of careers. Ages 18-30. Fellowship with people who are able to relate
early adulthood in becoming and understanding who you are in Christ.

We understand that we are not perfect humans, but with the
help of God and surrounding ourselves with Christians who support us to understand
the faith of our own and encourage one another to draw closer to God.

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GEt Connected

Come Grow with Us!
Our goal is to help you grow in your walk with Christ,
develop meaningful relationships, and provide opportunities for you to serve in
North Bay  and its surrounding

Join Us on Retreats
Every couple months we drive to different retreats all over southern Ontario eager to learn more about Christ. Listening to wonderful speakers, create accountability within our group and to be in an environment with other young adults who have  common goal of understanding who Jesus is.

Serve our Community Together!
Together as a team, we spend a couple nights during the year to give back to the North Bay community. Some of these things include; operation warmth, serving at local food banks and starting meaningful conversations around town about Jesus Christ!